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That new green/black stretch snakeskin -- perfect timing!

MJ Trends had perfect timing announcing their new green/black stretch snakeskin fabric -- I've been working on the upper half of Aquaman for several months, and had just started thinking about his legs.  Snakeskin is close...

AllureBound , July 7th 2016 8:22:46 am

Epic! So much detail, I love it! Stay awesome <3

JP, May 18th 2016 10:19:54 pm

They're veg-tan leather, dyed orange, then glazed with copper acrylic, stitched together with heavy thread.



What should I do?

I'm planning on doing a cosplay of Hit Girl and at first I thought latex would be the obvious answer to use as a fabric, but people kept telling me that Strech PVC would be better. I want to go and buy the perfect fabric for the...

JP, January 20th 2016 10:59:31 pm

Which look do you prefer?  Either material will work for her costume, so it's really a question of what you...

shinyskintight, January 19th 2016 11:44:54 pm

Hello!Well, one thing that could really make the outfit pop would be making it from latex. But if you're not...



PVC Holiday Stockings

The holidays are among us again! And this year I made some more PVC stockings to hang over the mantle at Xmas. I went with a more traditional style and a variety of colors than the ones I made before.  One thing I learned...

DCRubberGuy, December 23rd 2015 7:48:56 pm

Yes, those tight curves are tricky. I've made a few hoods with varying degrees of success. But once they are on,...

shinyskintight, December 23rd 2015 7:09:22 pm

Thanks DCRG! I tried to do one with latex first but had a hard time making the curve around the toe and heal...



4-way Stretch Opera Gloves

Hey everyone! I'm working on a pair of 4-Way Stretch Opera Gloves. Has anyone ever tried to make something like this? I'm having one heck of a time getting the fingers to come out correctly. Any tips or tricks would be greatly...

shinyskintight, November 24th 2015 2:18:07 pm

Then I went ahead and tried to start in reverse of what I did before. Cut fabric, sewed thumb, then tried to do...



New PVC Bolero Jacket

What's up MJTrendster's! Just wanted to share a new project I finished up. Long Sleeve Black PVC Bolero Jacket.I didn't have a model on hand so had to use my good 'ol dress form, lol :)This one is a different style than the last...

Andre , November 28th 2015 11:00:08 am

This is beautiful. a real work of art.

shinyskintight, November 24th 2015 1:56:15 pm

Here's a different angle and a little more up close.