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Costume project: Vynil, PVC, latex, and such...Advices needed!

Hello everybody!I'm discovering this awesome website, gathering about everything i need, tons of fabrics, and useful advices! And here i am, with a cosplay idea. I guess it must be pretty common around here :) I'll...

Andre , November 2nd 2014 9:11:09 am

Both have very valid point. But another perspective. you could make the whole outfit from latex. For the top use...

shinyskintight, July 10th 2014 8:56:46 pm

I agree with Cloe. If you do not have any experience working with latex go for the 4 way stretch for the leggins....



Vinyl Boots

I am using the 4-way stretch white vinyl to make custom boot/boot covers for my cosplay of Lady Satsuki from Kill la Kill. I bought a pair of white boots that go up to the thigh and they were SO uncomfortable, so I opted to make...

Chloe, July 3rd 2014 7:27:38 pm

These look great!  Did you do anything to keep them from falling down at the thigh?



use of vinyl adhesive

I am new to working with vinyl, so here goes.Has anyone tried using the vinyl adhesive sold by MJs? This may be a newbie question but how do you use it if it does not work on the fabric side of the vinyl sheet? How are the seams...

Andre , November 2nd 2014 9:29:34 am

Vinyl you stich. Get a Teflon foot or apply some lube to the foot when you stitch it to prevent it from...

dalh2755, July 6th 2014 5:02:26 pm

Wow I absolutly love the color of the latex you have in that image - did you purchase it off of this site?



Metallic Purple PCV Love

We love the Metallic Purple PVC vinyl and wanted to show off how good it looks :) This is from a recent photo shoot we did, I'll post some more pics soon <3 

latexgood, September 23rd 2014 6:30:56 pm

Wow! Nice!

latexgirl, May 5th 2014 8:33:52 pm

Wow! Really amazing product!I will order some purple PVC on my next order :)



Pleating vinyl?

I saw this costume by Onnies on facebook and I was wondering if it is possible the pleat 4-way stretch vinyl? or would 2-way stretch be better? I love her material choice (not exactly sure what it is, looks kind of like vinyl to...

Just Jill, February 17th 2014 8:58:40 pm

I've pleated vinyl before, but it wasn't stretch.  One tip is to stitch a narrow stitch down the inside of...

Andre , January 16th 2014 9:53:45 am

I am sure it would work fine. Just remember to use zip zag stitches otherwise the stritching might break when the...