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Butty Shorts

Hi to all,I am trying to make shorts that take the form of the but line, i don't know how to explained, something like the picture i attached to this post.Any advice how to achieve something like this in latex? Thanks in...

mlurk, October 3rd 2021 9:41:27 pm

The best way to do this is to add a zipper to the crotch and rear. About 24" long. You want something that does...

Mike2021, September 30th 2021 11:53:45 pm

@Chloe, @mlurk - As a follow up to OP, I'm trying to make a set of leggings for the wife.  She dislikes the...



Tips for sewing on vinyl fabric

If you don't want to use MJTrends silicone lubricant (https://mjtrends.com/categories-Latex-Shine,Notions) you can use food grade silicone spray, the type used in meat slicers and grinders:...



Coat I made for my wife

Used 0.65 patent vinyl, heavily modified sewing pattern Simplicity 4084. And many ideas from Pinterest. Very pleased with result.And, made a fun Santa hat with some of the leftovers.  :-)

shinyskintight, January 7th 2022 6:10:26 pm

WOW! That is amazing!  Great job! 👏👏👏

CarolGray, September 21st 2021 4:26:16 am

Hi, wow that coat is gorgeous, you are so good!!!!




Hello,I saw a few questions on here about using eyelets / grommets with latex, I have experimented a little bit with this, but every time I use a grommet with latex at least one hole rips a little bit and the whole piece is...

JP, August 4th 2021 6:46:58 pm

For quality stainless grommets, I use C S Osborne, a high quality industrial grommet manufacturer.  They're...

pollysuperstar, July 20th 2021 4:36:56 pm

Soak the cotton tape in rubber cement then hang the strip to dry completely. Then sandwich it between two layers...



Latex and Eyelets help!

Hi!I've been adding eyelets to my pieces, but because they are made of brass they stain the latex. I can't find any stainless steal eyelets anywhere... wondering if there's another suggestion or a way round this problem??I really...

pagetmillard, January 22nd 2021 10:58:27 am

Hi!Thank you so much for both suggestions - Have you tried the eyelets from Mj? They look sturdy enough, but...

Chloe, January 22nd 2021 9:22:38 am

Not sure if you're aware, but MJTrends offers non-brass...