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Hi , I bough latex and glue from MJtrends … I made a jockstrap and the glue worked , but next day when I tried to try them on they came apart . Was this because once I finished I cleaned the extra glue with glue remover? Also...

Chloe, July 20th 2023 3:13:38 am

There is a free jock strap pattern here:https://www.sewitlikeaman.com/pages/free-basic-jockstrapYou'll probably...



Get folds out of latex

I have some old latex sheeting that's been sitting folded up in an airtight box for many years. Is there a good way to get the fold "creases" out? (It's not creased like a sheet of paper, but the folds are obviously "burned in"...

Chloe, July 20th 2023 3:10:36 am

If the "folds" are physical, then you could go one of two routes.  You could lay out the sheeting and apply...



Making a Vinyl Animal for Burning Man

Hello,I am interested in making a tardigrade (a microscopic animal) that I can sit on for the upcoming Burning Man festival. The plan is to build one that I can fill with packaging peanuts and attach to a motorized...

Chloe, July 20th 2023 3:14:53 am

If working with vinyl I'd recommend sewing it instead of gluing. 



Pointers on making glued latex sheathes

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has any pointers or experience / best practices for making sheathes out of latex sheeting? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Cgates1979, January 20th 2024 3:17:37 pm

I'm sorry, I did t notice you had responded. I was talking about male and female sheathes for latex garments....

Cgates1979, January 20th 2024 3:16:18 pm

I'm sorry, I didn't see you replied. I was wondering about sheathes in latex garments. Either male or female.