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Get a 16 inch non-separating zipper, 4-way stretch vinyl fabric, and custom-fit leggings sewing pattern made to your body measurements and MJTrends stretch fabrics and you two can have a pair of zip-through leggings at a fraction of the cost of buying it retail.

Clear plastic vinyl fabric can be used for anything from table and furniture covers to fashions like this long clear skirt with black vinyl trim.

Extend the length of MJTrends custom-fit short-shorts sewing pattern to recreate these oil-slick black vinyl bike shorts.

Make your own leather ruffle skirt from MJTrends faux leather black fabric and our custom-fit ruffle skirt sewing pattern that is printed to your measurements.

Use MJTrends custom-fit leggings pattern that is printed according to your measurements and our four way stretch liquid oil black vinyl fabric to create a perfect pair of leggings.

We love this customers use of our black and white pinstripe vinyl fabric to create a deep plunge, mini-ruffle, bodysuit with puff-cap sleeves and matching belt.

MJTrends faux leather fabric in red and black for making custom cosplay outfits.

Vamp it up at your next costume party by making your own custom-fit costume from MJTrends metallic-foil spandex fabric with ridiculous 4-way stretch.

Looking to make your own cosplay shiny catsuit? Use MJTrends 4-way stretch vinyl and our custom-fit catsuit sewing pattern printed according to your measurements.

Don't opt for an ill-fitting pair of cheap gloves that you buy sight-unseen! Make your own from MJTrends metallic black spandex fabric and your own measurements.

With MJTrends red veggie-leather fabric you can create dresses, leggings, and other fashions similar to dress worn here.

Cosplay crafters often use MJTrends latex sheeting to create costumes with a high-degree of stretch and that 'plastic' look. Metallic purple latex sheeting was used to make this Naruto cosplay latex design.

Checkout how our stretch spandex can create amazing looks via the way the material drapes and gathers. Elastic was applied at the arm curve to create a gathered effect.

With our metallic gold spandex stretchy fabric you can make dancewear or date-night fashions like this shiny metallic bodycon dress with plunging neckline and princess seams.

Recreate the look of this assassin nun using MJTrends black latex rubber material. We have all your supplies for working with latex fashions!

Are you gearing up for a Cosplay convention? Make your own catsuits from MJTrends black metallic spandex and our custom-fit catsuit sewing pattern.

Use MJTrends black veggie leather fabric with our huge assortment of black aluminum zippers and custom-fit mini-skirt sewing pattern to recreate this look.

Metallic spandex in bright blue sewing into a flare dress with princess seam top.

Bright yellow vinyl fabric with four-way stretch. Make your own skater skirts using this material. Also checkout MJTrends custom-fit sewing patterns make from your measurements.

Tan colored 4-way stretch vinyl coated fabric for making clothing, fashions, dancewear, bathing suits and more!

Faux leather metallic silver fabric that can be used for shorts, skirts, tops, and a variety of other clothing and fashion items.

Craft your own fashions from MJTrends premium quality four-way stretch liquid oil black vinyl fabric. Not sure what to make? Check out our custom-fit patterns for no-fail options.

Metallic and shiny with excellent 4-way stretch - MJTrends metallic foil spandex fabric can be used for anything from dancewear and leotards, to formal wear as shown in this image.

Clear plastic below-the-knee dress with black vinyl trim and silver snaps down the front. Make your own using MJTrends clear vinyl fabric, black pvc, and our custom-fit pencil skirt sewing pattern.

Scoop neck dress made from MJTrends 4-way stretch vinyl fabric. Get your supplies as well as custom-fit scoop neck dress sewing pattern made for your measurements.

Interested in making your own bras or lingerie? Let us help. We have bra wire, v-wire, bra straps, o-rings, d-rings, and zippers galore.

Hot pink latex sheeting was used to create this dress that looks like she was poured into! Make something similar using MJTrends custom-fit sewing patterns that are made to your measurements and our latex rubber material.

Black and red latex sheeting was used to create this amazing skirt and peplum top. Get all your latex crafting supplies from MJTrends!

Use MJTrends black metallic spandex and our custom-fit sewing patterns made to your measurements and our stretch fabrics.

If you want the best form-fitting material on the planet - you need to use latex sheeting. Make amazing jaw-dropping cosplay catsuits from this super-stretch form fitting material.

What amazing things can you create with our black and white pinstripe vinyl fabric? We love this mini-ruffle lined deep-plung bodysuit!

Mix and match uncommon elements like a parachute buckle and glossy black vinyl fabric to create stunning women's fashions.

Spandex doesn't always have to be used to make form-fitting garments. We love this loose fitting jumpsuit and the way the spandex lame material drapes.

Want to create ruched leather leggings? It's not hard! Add 25% length in addition to your actual measurements to our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern and then stretch elastic down the seams while sewing to create this awesome look!

These vegan leather pants are over $100 retail - make your own by using our custom-length zipper kit, faux leather fabric, and our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern that is made to your measurements.

Get a zipper, flat black spandex fabric, and our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern to create your own zip-through hot pants. Flat black spandex has a leather-look to it and excellent stretch.

Use metallic gold lame spandex fabric with our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern to create these leggings.

Black lame spandex fabric for making close-fitting dancewear like this sport top and shorts.

Metallic red and blue spandex for making your own Harley Quinn boot shorts.

Gold lame stretch spandex fabric for making dancewear like these booty shorts.

Make your own asymmetrical dress using our gold metallic spandex and a white stretch knit.

Metallic teal spandex fabric with excellent 4-way stretch. Perfect for swimwear, dancewear, and more. Use our fold-over elastic to finish the arm and leg holes.

Cut a strip of gold lame spandex fabric and then use quarter-inch elastic down the middle to create this excellent fitting top for dancewear.

Shiny plastic 4-way stretch black vinyl fabric and a zipper are all that it take to create this simple yet sexy tube top.

Four-way stretch spandex lame fabric used to create 80's retro fashions. Use MJTrends custom-fit leggings pattern which is made to your measurements and our fabrics unique stretch.

Use MJTrends black faux leather fabric and bra wire to create lingerie, bras, corsets, and more.

Combine MJTrends bra wire with our black shiny patent vinyl fabric to made bodysuits, lingerie, or fetish fashions.

Black spandex / faux leather looking tank. High-stretch spandex is perfect for bodyhugging fashions like bodysuits, dancewear, etc.

Make your own halter tops, bras, dresses and more using our bra wire in various sizes. And don't forget the bra straps - clear goes with any color!

Shiny black bodysuit with scoop neck made from four-way stretch glossy black vinyl fabric. Soft to the touch with excellent stretch capabilities! Get a perfect fit using MJTrends custom-fit womens tank top sewing pattern.