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Red faux leather skirt and puff-cap couture jacket. Save a cow and use our veggie red leather fabric!

Chocolate brown stretch vinyl leggings hugging all the right curves. Custom-fit legging sewing pattern and four-way stretch vinyl available from MJTrends.

Clear vinyl panel running down the leg of these athletic wear leggings. Make your own with our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern and clear vinyl material.

Spandex metallic silver fabric for when you need a space age material with high stretch.

Four-way stretch metallic green spandex foil fabric. Get that perfect fit with our custom-fit mini-skirt sewing pattern.

High-stretch spandex is perfect for making catsuits. Shown here in electron blue.

Stretchy metallic foil spandex fabric in two colors of green for making dance-wear and other fashions.

Metallic foil high-stretch fabric in silver, perfect for dance-wear or astro-fashions.

Clear plastic boots, accessories, and long coat. Make it all from our translucent clear vinyl material.

Babydoll style lingerie made from black and semi-transparent natural latex sheeting with matching leggings. Make your own with our custom-fit babydoll dress latex sewing pattern.

Art? Statement piece? We think this is so cool! Create your own plastic fashions with our clear vinyl material.

Clear plastic long dress with geometric shapes embroidered onto it.

Glossy mirror-like black vinyl leggings with a skin-tight fit. Our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern will hug your every curve!

Rachel Weisz wears a red latex and fabric gown down the red carpet.

Super model Gisele bundchen wearing a body-hugging pair of black vinyl leggings with grey sweater. Get that same perfect fit by using our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern and high-stretch vinyl.

Who said that metallic foil spandex had to be for dancewear only? Make your own evening wear with a touch of shine and class with this material.

Purple metallic foil four-way stretch spandex perfect for making a 90's throwback costume or outfit.

Latex, vinyl, leather? No - it's stretch metallic spandex at half the cost of latex, vinyl, or stretch leather.

Loose top paired with form-fitting latex jeans. Great combo! Get that perfect fit yourself with our custom-fit leggings pattern for latex.

This flowing and drapey dress could be made from 4-way stretch vinyl, faux leather, or metallic spandex. Pick your fav.

Wonder what our custom-fit leggings and 4-way stretch black vinyl look like? Wonder no more.

Check out the long silver zip on this .35mm latex shined up dress.

Black high-neck latex catsuit with sequined robe on top.

It's not hot-pink, it's hot-hot-pink! Latex fingerless gloves and long tube dress. Make yours from our custom-fit latex patterns and latex sheeting.

Black latex catsuit worn underneath a kitchen apron. Sure, why not.

Yep - you knew this image came from Instagram! Get your own high-gloss perfect-fit leggings using our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern with super-stretch black glossy vinyl fabric.

Clear vinyl bolero jacket with baby-pink trim. Get clear vinyl and baby-pink fold over elastic to make your own.

Need inexpensive clear vinyl for rain apparel? Look no further.

Glass-clear vinyl rain coat with pink trim.

Cute crop tee paired with shiny plastic stretch fabric. Make your own with a custom-fit leggings sewing pattern and stretchy plastic black fabric.

Flare / fluffy dress made from baby pink tulle fabric.

Silver dual side zips up the style on this black glossy skirt. Fabric and zips available on MJTrends.

A new twist on the 80's jogging shorts. Make your own with our pvc fabric, elastic, and 80s running shorts custom-fit sewing pattern.

Not too tight, not too loose, perfect-fitting veggie leather black leggings. Get your own perfect fit with our custom-sized leggings sewing pattern.

High gloss dark red / blood red vinyl leggings. We offer a similar color that we call wine. Get that perfect tight-fit with a custom-fit legging pattern from MJTrends.

Beautiful models mearing matching outfits including shiny black latex leggings. Get your own perfect fit by using our custom-fit latex leggings pattern!

Black dress worn on top of a shined-up latex sleeveless dress with long latex gloves and stockings. Get all your latex supplies with MJTrends (shine, glue, sheeting, etc.)

Stylish for the office or the street - pencil skirt with high slit made from black veggie leather fabric. Get your own perfect for your fit via our custom-fit pencil skirt sewing pattern.

Double-breasted jacket in veggie-crocodile black fabric with sheer inlays at the shoulder and arms.

Couture shaped black faux crocodile jacket.

Create a tween Incredibles costume with our four-way stretch metallic spandex foil fabric in black, red, and yellow.

Use our metallic gold and metallic red stretch spandex foil fabric to create either women's or men's Iron Man Cosplay costumes. BTW - we have the best prices on 30 inch red zippers!

Combine our red, white, and blue, spandex foil 4-way stretch fabric to make an awesome women's Captain America costume.

Orange vinyl workout jacket with contrasting details in grey.

Contrasting brass zipper that looks great at the rear of a leather skirt.

Translucent pink clear vinyl plastic material for rain jackets. Silver snaps down the front.

Semi-transparent clear vinyl in with a dark charcoal tent. Why pay retail when you can easily make your own for pennies on the dollar.

Shiny high-gloss vinyl is perfect for rock-n-roll fashions especially when paired with a silver studded belt with chains.

Black veggie-leather leggings paired with brown boots. Who says brown and black can't match! Make your own with our veggie leather fabric and custom-fit leggings sewing pattern.

Latex rubber shined up to perfect in these body hugging leggings. Get your own perfect fit using our custom-fit legging sewing pattern and latex sheeting.