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Naya Rivera showing off her street style wearing a comic-inspired superwoman t-shirt paired with heels and a leather pencil skirt.

White is the new black. Rebellious, cool, and slightly punk - white leather with gold spikes is the new black leather jacket.

Black leather overall dress crocodile embossed inlay on the chest, paired with a black button-up leather shirt with snakeskin detailing at the collar. The small details of this outfit elevate it from a look that was already unique to something completely rare and couture.

Metallic silver pencil skirt worn with a warm black cropped sweater. Great combo for chillier days!

Black and white side-striped latex fitted dress paired with shiny black latex stockings.

Beautiful royal blue latex bolero jacket featuring gathered sleeves, ruffled wrists, and medium sized ruffles at the shoulder. What a work of art!

Black leather pencil skirt paired with black long-sleeve turtle neck. This combo is a excellent for cooler weather - think Fall or Winter seasons.

Spanish celebrity at an event wearing a shiny red vinyl long gown with long slit up the leg. Princess seams on the top portion of the dress ensure a body-hugging fit.

Marie Claire features a couture leather outfit in an Asian cover photo. Notice the black leather elbow length gloves with snaps at the elbow and the stitching and gathering on the top. Pair it with a fitted waist and skirt and this makes for breath-taking fashion!

Black leather sleeveless A-frame dress with up the middle at the knee. Retro meets sleek in this one-of-a kind design.

Baby pink latex bra / top - perfect for Valentines Day. This is a versatile top that could be worn as lingerie or as a casual top. Shiny baby pink latex makes sure that whoever sees it pays attention.

Silver zippered corset belt. Take a closer look and you'll see that there is not only a silver zipper going up the front of the corset / belt, but there are also two more zippers adorning the bottom hemline.

Brass zippers for knee boots. These go all the way down baby. Why place the zipper at the side or rear - prominently display them at the front of the boot.

Star Wars Boba Fett inspired latex dress. Let the Force Be With You!

Semi-transparent pink long latex raincoat with oversized buttons and lace detailing at the cuffs and collar.

Sky blue latex bodysuit by William Wilde with peplum and three large bows across the top. Is there anything that William WIlde makes that we don't love?

Curvy black and white striped latex retro bathing suit accentuates the bodies natural curves. Love this design!

Oxblood latex jacket and long skirt with shortie black latex gloves and stockings.

Oversized polka dots on semi-transparent purple latex skirt. And checkout those black gloves and top with feather detailing!

Metallic pink latex flare skirt paired with a matching pastel pink collared shirt.

Rebel without a cause - black vinyl jeans and jacket.

Moody image of a dark bride wearing a black veil, dress, and dark red / burgundy latex stockings and fingerless gloves.

Intricately cut rose petal latex dress in pink and hot pink. Appliques and custom cut-outs make for a stunning garments that are both feminine and sleek.

Rose McGowen subtly shows a shiny black latex dress underneath the cover of a vintage wool jacket for Mint magazine

Ralph Lauren metallic gold veggie leather skirt with classic pairings: white button-up shirt, navy sweater, belt, and navy heels.

Black veggie suede flare skirt with a black leather belt, turtle neck, and strap heels.

Alesha Dixon for Fabulouse Magazine wearing a striped semi-transparent smoke colored v-neck top with corset and military hat.

Little black latex dress! Amp up the anty going upgrading your LBD to latex.

Designer Marios Schwab's veggie leather belt in an all-black ensemble walking down the runway.

GI Joe Cobra latex catsuit in black with red spider appliques.

Red white and blue - patriotic legs and shoes.

Emma Stone wearing a black patent vinyl retro-cut dress.

Model Anna Jagodzinska posing in a black latex bodysuit for a sci-fi chic article in HGIssue.

Red latex hooded romper shot in the desert sands.

Red latex cosplay catsuit shot with a sniper rifle and matching heeled patent vinyl red boots.

Charlie XCX wearing a black latex bodysut in West Hollywood.

Colorful latex dress in orange, transparent, navy, turqoise, black, and pink with matching shortie gloves.

Black leather twist dress. Check out those seam lines! Creative and visually unique - love this concept.

Patent vinyl lace-up rear high gloss top with long white train by Antonio Berardi.

K-Pop group wearing patent vinyl high gloss black jeans.

Music group Inverno wearing red stretch leather jeans.

Our favorite Kardashian in stretch veggie leather jeans and a simple white t-shirt tied at the waist.

J-PoP megastar performaing on-stage wearing a white flowing crop top paired with veggie leather jeans and gold jewelry.

Brass diamond shaped studs on black leather jeans = rock and roll!

Cameron Diaz smiling and posing on the red carpet wearing a veggie leather dress.

Couture leather outfit with silver and black spikes at the jacket cuff and shoulders.

Smooth veggie leather stretch leggings shot in a serene setting of woods and foliage.

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Paris Hilton has style. Here she is wearing leather jeans with a white top and matching white and black purse.

Metallic blue with black contrasting trim latex 2-piece swimsuit.

Electric blue corset with contrasting white and blue stripes running down the front, paired with matching leggings and wrist gloves.