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High gloss vinyl and denim couture jacket.

Womens patent vinyl styled jacket.

Skirt with brass zippers that open to reveal ruched fabric beneath.

Mens lightweight faux leather joggers.

Mens crocodile print faux leather joggers with matching top.

Quilted leather sweatshirt with aluminum silver zippers.

Black leather quilted mens sweatshirt.

Steel zips on black leather bucket style backpack.

Interesting location for zippers.

Added spikes on leather jacket and excellent choice in accessories.

Mens red and black faux leather sweatshirt with silver zips across the shoulders.

Checkout the closeup on those high gloss latex leggings.

I'd love to see a man who the cahoonas to sport hot pink and blue vinyl jeans.

Baby pink vinyl jacket and pants for men - this is daring!

Wow - check out the high contrast between the shaggy fur sweater and those slick black vinyl jeans.

Mens urban animal print vinyl outfit.

Lots of zips and shiny black vinyl. Is it too much?

Long silver zipper all the way up the front of this dress.

Check out the zips on that jacket! True punk rock style - mesh top, black bra, and lots of leather and steel zippers.

Love the design of this skirt. It has a "Roman" gladiator influence to it.

Denim shirt paired with quilted leather skirt and handbag.

Love the glam gold snakeskin jacket. However, the animal print layers beneath the jacket were a bit over the top.

This is so much glam it almost hurts my eyes: pink vinyl skirt with silver zips, silver sequined top, and black sequined jacket to match.

Love everything about this outfit: leather leggings with silver zippers and leather purse with silver hardware.

Too sexy? Adjust the zipper to show more or less leg.

White peasant top with long leather skirt.

The leather belts and holster take this outfit to another level.

White latex dress shot high key (white on white) with shoulder rivets.

Angular cut asymmetrical faux leather skirt.

Emma stone kicking it on her 25th birthday wearing a black leather dress.

Beautiful paneled and pleated leather dress.

Check out the detailing on these! Silver ankle zips, leg ribbing, knee seams, and rear flap pockets.

Flared white top with black leather leggings and red heels. Great combo!

Katie Holmes sporting a leather skirt with pockets and yellow button up sweater.

Check out the awsome dragon-skin effect on the shoulders. Love this detailing and idea.

Sweater, plus a touch of red, stretch leather leggings, and heels.

Love this styling and look.

Black leather baby - gloves, belt, and fitted pants.

Gold spikes on white leather.

Steampunk, goth, tribal - can't quite put my finger on this one. The one thing I do know - I love it!

Just be sure not to stab your ear when using it!

Eiffel Tower Applique idea.

Spike and snakeskin jacket.

Beyonce working it like she always does in a Burberry Porsum blood red latex trench coat.

Love the coordination of the red leather clutch, red shoes, and black leather leggings.

Kim Kardashian wearing a red leather pencil skirt with skin-toned top and black blazer.

Cara Mason wearing a brown leather outfit with heavy duty holster and gloves.

Hooded leather romper with spikes - does it get anymore badass?

Latex Darth Vader with sword.

Wow - how cool is steampunk mixed with latex?