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What do you get when you take two opposites and combine them together like fur and patent vinyl...

Wow - look at those details.

Not sure what to call this (other than awesome). It's not a belt - it's not a corset, or is it?

High waisted long leather skirt by Marciano Guess.

Milan runway showing gold vinyl skirt and matching shoes.

Black patent vinyl dress worn under a tan trenchcoat. Love this for fall.

Mens sweater with crocodile leather lower waist.

Love the hue.

Great reproduction of the classic Marilyn Monroe dress shot, but with a modern twist - latex dress and stockings.

Red sheer top paired with a matching red patent vinyl dress.

Brass zipper, long fringe, and moto styling - latex jacket.

Love this suit with it's strategically placed zippers.

Love the paneling on the dress and the mixed spiked wristbands.

Black leather jacket covered with a variety of spikes.

Editorial black and white fashion photography showing black vinyl dress with spikes.

Queen of the night, black patent vinyl corset.

Happy 4th of July! Red, white, and blue latex top.

Latex applique on cosplay outfit.

Yellow and black vinyl bodysuit and gloves Cosplay.

Earth green faux leather vinyl pencil skirt worn by Jennifer Metcalfe.

Not sure that I like this. I love the styling but not the color combinations.

Louis Vuitton red vinyl dress.

Elegance updated and darkened with some black vinyl.

J-Lo wearing a long yellow vinyl dress.

Wow - look at how that hot pink pops against the black!

Steampunk green aged vinyl corset.

Mens white and blue vinyl speed racer cosplay outfit.

Batman and a vinyl catwoman pose together.

Love the clear inlays and criss cross pattern at the waist.

Silk Spectre latex outfit in black and yellow latex. Excellent remake of the outfit from the movie. Latex sheeting available at: www.MJTrends.com

Beautifully crafted latex X-Men cosplay catsuits.

Great combination of fabrics bring the SmallVille Wonder Woman to life. Red vinyl available at: www.MJTrends.com

Metallic blue Black Widow amazing costume.

Dark twist on a Wonder Woman costume - black vinyl with silver accents.

Yellow and black uniquely styled vinyl cosplay outfit.

Star wars heroine fighter with cloak and black vinyl catsuit.

Sleek black vinyl star wars cosplay fighter.

Star wars rebel fighter in shiny black vinyl.

4-way stretch black vinyl Shadow Lady Cosplay costume.

Viper cosplay costume from 4-way stretch green vinyl.

This would be fun for Halloween - naughty!

Killer crocodile jacket with extended sleeves.

Hot pink vinyl mini skirt.

Batgirl popping the collar on her latex catsuit.

Close-up of latex bat-girl cosplay latex catsuit.

Another angle of this amazing batgirl catsuit made from silver latex.

Metallic silver / grey bat girl latex catsuit.

Rita Ora - checkered earings with matching black and white latex dress.

Rita Ora posing in a black and white latex dress.

Pleated faux leather medium length skirt.