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Laminating/overlaying Vinyl to thicken gauge

Hi There, I'm curious if anyone has ever tried, with success, gluing two sheets of vinyl PVS together and how it was done/ what glues you used? I want to overlay a 30 gauge Transparent Pink Vinyl on top of 80 gauge clear...



Making a Vinyl Animal for Burning Man

Hello,I am interested in making a tardigrade (a microscopic animal) that I can sit on for the upcoming Burning Man festival. The plan is to build one that I can fill with packaging peanuts and attach to a motorized...

Chloe, July 20th 2023 3:14:53 am

If working with vinyl I'd recommend sewing it instead of gluing. 



New mini dress

After lots of frustration and mistakes, I’m finally getting the hang of pattern making and final fitting.

Chloe, December 9th 2022 4:52:18 pm

Looks like you've nailed it!  That's a hard body form to craft for - lots of tight curves.



Not much going on on this forum?

Not much going on here, can’t even tell if anyone sees my posts.

Fantastic Plastic, November 22nd 2022 2:38:29 pm

Thanks for the response Chloe!I recently made a mini dress out of gray stretch PVC.Added red inserts at the cuff...

Chloe, September 30th 2022 5:35:53 pm

Hey FP.  I believe the forums were down for a bit but seem to be working again.  Hope you had a good...



Second project completed

My second time around!Figured quite a few things out from this and my first time.Will do some final tweaks to my patterns and the sewing process and that should do it for this size!The next sizes will be from this design so most...

Chloe, November 22nd 2022 3:38:03 pm

I really like the sleeves.  That's a nice touch and pop of red color.   What does the tag say at...

Fantastic Plastic, November 22nd 2022 2:53:31 pm

Thanks, I have a signature detail that I do at all leg and arm cuff zips and that is to put panels of contrasting...